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AMP UTP Connector / CAT5e CAT6 RJ45 Modular Plug-Jack / Patch Pa

AMP UTP Connector

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AMP UTP CAT5e Connectors
Part Number Description Dimension (cm) Price
AM-30015-554720-3AMP RJ45 Modular Plug6.00
AM-30025-0569278-2AMP RJ45 Modular Plug
High Performace
AM-35011375191-1 AMP CAT5e RJ45 Modular Jack105.00
AM-35251479154-2 AMP CAT5e Patch Panel 24 Port3,400.00
AM-35491479155-2 AMP CAT5e Patch Panel 24 Port6,580.00

AMP UTP CAT6 Connectors
Order Number AMP PN Description Price
AM-30061479185-3AMP CAT6 RJ45 Modular Plug 27.00
AM-36001375055-6AMP CAT6 RJ45 Modular Jack146.50
AM-36241375014-2 AMP CAT6 Patch Panel 24 Port4,640.00
AM-36481375015-2 AMP CAT6 Patch Panel 48 Port8,700.00

AMP Shield Connectors
Order Number AMP PN Description Price
AM-30035-569530-2AMP Shield RJ45 Modular Plug 18.50
AM-35031375189-1AMP Shield CAT5e RJ45 Modular Jack 165.00
AM-36011375188-1 AMP Shield CAT6 RJ45 Modular Jack - Call -
AM-36021711342-1 AMP Shield CAT6A RJ45 Modular Jack- Call -
AM-36201933307-1 AMP Shield 24P,Unload,1U Patch Panel- Call -

AMP Face Plate / Pop-Up / Cable Management
Order Number AMP PN Description Price
AM-3012272352-1AMP Face Plate 1 Port, Standard 20.00
AM-3013272352-2AMP Face Plate 2 Port, Standard 20.00
AM-3014569086-1 AMP Face Plate 4 Port60.00
AM-3016569088-1 AMP Face Plate 6 Port60.00
AM-3021272368-1 AMP Face Plate 1 Port with Shutter 30.00
AM-3022272368-2 AMP Face Plate 2 Port with Shutter 30.00
AM-3031272378-1 AMP Face Plate Decorator 1 Port 25.00
AM-3032272378-2 AMP Face Plate Decorator 2 Port 28.00
AM-3033272378-3 AMP Face Plate Decorator 3 Port 31.00
AM-351X272354-X AMP Modular Plug Boot (X=color)4.40
AM-2150272353-1 AMP Cable Management Panel 640.00
AM-2151558334-1 AMP Vertical Management Ring -call-

AMP UTP Connector
AMP UTP Connector

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 23 December, 2010.
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